Want a 72% GPU boost for free? AMD just delivered one

AMD just revealed that its new AMD Software: Pro Edition 22.Q3 driver can boost GPU performance by up to 72%. With this update, AMD addresses a major pain point for its customers: underperformance in OpenGL applications.

While the driver is aimed at AMD’s GPU lineup for professionals, consumer graphics cards can also benefit, and the benefits even extend to gaming. Here’s what we know about the new Radeon driver and how to get it.

AMD/Tom’s Hardware

To really make this kind of performance gain, AMD had to change the architecture of its Pro Edition driver. Historically, AMD has gotten bad feedback on the state of its OpenGL drivers, and over the years this has been one of those things that Nvidia has definitely gotten better at, and this goes for professional software as well as gaming scenarios. However, after several attempts, it seems that AMD has finally hit the jackpot with its OpenGL driver.

According to a blog post from AMD, the new driver improves GPU performance by as much as 115%. The stats are all based on AMD’s professional GPUs, and the company is comparing its Radeon W6800 to the Nvidia RTX A5000, claiming that its proprietary graphics card managed to beat Nvidia in several applications.

AMD itself calls this driver update a “huge leap for OpenGL-based applications”. In the blog post, AMD stated: “The release of AMD Software: PRO Edition 22.Q3” […] brings our most significant performance improvements to date in all OpenGL applications and many of your other favorite creation, design, modeling and CAD software applications. The latest improvements take us towards and beyond the competition like Autodesk Maya, where we see improvements up to 41% greater on the AMD Radeon PRO W6800 GPU versus an Nvidia RTX A5000 GPU.”

As mentioned, it’s not just the professionals who will benefit from this new change, as AMD is also adding these updates to its consumer Adrenaline drivers. This means that if you use OpenGL based apps or play such games, you should be able to see the performance boost for yourself. In addition, if you have one of the best graphics cards from AMD and use it to run these professional visualization apps, you can also try out the new drivers yourself.

AMD first introduced this new architecture in July 2022 and it claims to have gotten great feedback, so it seems worth giving it a try. This isn’t the first time AMD has made a huge leap forward with just one driver update – recently we also had a 92% performance boost from drivers alone.

You can download the new AMD Software: Pro Edition 22.Q3 driver or the latest Adrenalin drivers from the official AMD website.

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