This screwless motherboard will make GPU upgrades effortless

The DIY PC crowd will be happy to hear that GPU upgrades just became effortless. The Gigabyte X670 EZ-Latch Plus motherboard is a new screwless, boltless system for easy GPU and SSD swaps.

Tom’s Hardware spotted two new Gigabyte motherboards on Twitter, a PCIe EZ-Latch Plus and an M.2 EZ-Latch Plus. Both are built with the upcoming Ryzen 7000 series processors with Zen 4 architecture in mind.

Both the PCIe and M.2 EZ-Latch Plus motherboards are finally putting an end to those tiny, pesky screws that always manage to drop the magnetic screwdriver and roll into the computer somewhere. Instead, both motherboards have their own unique system for easily attaching and removing GPUs.

The PCIe system has a physical button on the edge of the motherboard and away from those narrow DIMM slots. No more fat fingers getting stuck in a motherboard (although I’m sure some of us will still find a way). A single button press releases the GPU. This new button system on the PCIe motherboard also opens up more space for manufacturers to pack more PCIe slots, especially in addition to large and bulky components.

On the M.2 board, things are just as simple. The M.2 has a push mechanism that allows you to snap a GPU into place by gently lowering it onto the motherboard. Turn the lock to unlock the card.

Twitter user @momomo_us posted links to GIFs of the new motherboards in action. The GIFs show a man’s hand dropping cards on and off both the PCIe board and the M.2 board.

PCIe EZ-Latch Plus
M.2 EZ-Latch Plus


— 188号 (@momomo_us) August 10, 2022

This represents a huge quality of life upgrade for PC builders and tinkerers and is something other motherboard manufacturers should implement. There are rumors that AMD and Asus have similar projects in the works, although nothing official has been released.

When big manufacturers jump on board, we can finally say goodbye to those tiny propellers.

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