This new Windows 11 feature will help protect your passwords

The new Windows 11 22H2 update has just been released, with an interesting security feature. This feature, called “Enhanced Phishing Protection”, was created to help users protect their Windows passwords a little better.

Improved protection against phishing warns users when they enter their Windows password in places where it is not necessary. This is how it works.

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Many people use the same password for different websites, programs, and emails, even if it’s insecure. Surprisingly, many of us pay very little attention to the security of our Windows password, but it’s a good idea to stay vigilant about it. Microsoft decided to make that easier by implementing Enhanced Phishing Protection in Windows 11. Microsoft briefly talked about the feature in a blog post.

Windows credentials are especially valuable to potential attackers if they belong to someone within an organization. Infiltrating just one computer can give a hacker access to the entire network, and things only get worse from there. Combine that with the fact that many of us don’t use secure passwords on our work computers, and there could be a problem.

While Microsoft doesn’t address password security itself, the new anti-phishing feature makes it easier to make sure the password doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. It comes with two settings, one for password reuse and one for password storage.

“SmartScreen identifies and protects against corporate password entry on reported phishing sites or apps connecting to phishing sites, reuse of passwords on any app or site, and passwords typed into Notepad, Wordpad, or Microsoft 365 apps,” Microsoft’s security product manager Sinclaire Hamilton told Bleeping. Computer.

When both options are enabled in Windows 11, the feature will warn you if you try to save your password in an app like Notepad. It will also warn you if you enter your Windows password on a website so you know not to use it again outside of Windows 11 access.

Enable Enhanced Phishing Protection

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To try this feature out for yourself, make sure you have the latest Windows 11 update (22H2). Once you’ve done this, follow this path to find the settings: Start > Settings > Privacy & Security > Windows Security > App & Browser Manager > Reputation Protection Settings.

In that section you will find Warn me about password reuse and Warn me about insecure password storage. Turn both on and enjoy the extra layer of protection.

This is definitely a strong feature and a good addition from Microsoft. Let’s hope it will keep expanding it with more apps to ramp up security even further.

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