This gaming chair makes your butt a part of the action

Like a galley, gaming chairs always seem to finish last in the world of gaming peripherals. The brutal team of designers at Cooler Master have solved the game immersion problem with the new Synk X haptic gaming chair.

Cooler Master calls his chair a new trend in immersive entertainment. It’s a haptic chair that channels sound waves from your game or movie and converts them into vibrations in the back and bottom. It uses Bluetooth to take your keester into the game, vibrating for the action whether you’re on PC, console, mobile, or just watching a movie on TV.

Cooler Master

“Designed to feel the thrill of a combat game, embark on the adventure journey of a movie or groove to the musical beats,” the company said in a press release, “Synk X offers a new way to immerse yourself in the imaginary world for an enhanced user experience.”

The chair itself is an ergonomic armchair with a retractable leg rest, a 135-degree posture-reinforcing backrest and adjustable armrests. Cooler Master made the chair from breathable mesh material so your derriere shouldn’t overheat in it, though we’ve yet to test this claim. There’s a Star Trek-esque control panel in one of the armrests with volume and vibration level adjustments, audio input selectors, headphone jacks, and battery status monitors.

This isn’t the first vibrating gaming chair we’ve seen. Razer has a concept chair called the Enki Pro Hypersense. In true Razer fashion, it includes a built-in RGB light logo with 16.8 million color effects to choose from. Razer claims their seat offers up to 65,000 haptic feedback variations and can even simulate g-forces, though we’re a little skeptical about this last claim.

Cooler Master’s chair is intriguing. We don’t often see Bluetooth furniture. The company hasn’t said when the Synk X will be available for purchase, so we’ll be keeping an eye on this. In the meantime, our backs will have to make do with plain old gaming chairs.

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