This AMD bundle proves that GPU prices are falling fast

AMD will soon be offering a new promotion called Raise The Game, which will reinvigorate a familiar way of selling GPUs that we haven’t seen in quite some time: bundling a graphics card with a free game.

It’s great news for PC builders, but AMD isn’t doing this out of the goodness of its heart. This is most likely a sign of something we’ve already noticed: GPU prices are falling fast.

Jacob Roach / Custom Hour

You might be wondering: what does AMD introducing a new GPU bundle have to do with the graphics card market in general? The truth is, it probably means more than meets the eye. For the longest time, neither AMD nor Nvidia have had to offer any kind of bundles. Demand for GPUs far outstripped inventory, prices skyrocketed, and there was no need to boost sales at all. As graphics card prices begin to fall rapidly, AMD is confirming the shift in the market by reviving game bundles.

If it’s been a few years since you last bought a graphics card, you may already be aware of game bundles. The bundles meant that if you bought a GPU for a certain amount of time, you would also get a game for free. Usually the game would be something quite new and interesting so that people are more inclined to buy a new graphics card while the promotion lasts. During the GPU shortage, MSRP-priced cards sold out in seconds anyway, so both AMD and Nvidia have long since stopped offering bundles. That now seems to be changing with AMD’s Raise The Game promotion.

While the bundle has already been announced by AMD, the page created for it doesn’t reveal much of its content just yet. AMD is asking customers to keep their voucher code for when the promotion goes live to redeem the game. However, AMD hasn’t made it clear what kind of games to expect when purchasing, so all we can rely on right now are sources quoted by AnandTech.

Jacob Roach / Custom Hour

The bundle includes a wide variety of AMD’s RDNA 2 range, from the entry-level AMD Radeon RX 6400 to the RX 6950 XT. Rumored titles include Saint’s Row and Sniper Elite 5, but there will likely be more games up for grabs as part of the new bundle. The bundle applies to all AMD purchases made at eligible retailers between May 10 and August 13.

Seeing the first signs of normalcy after years of GPU shortage is like a breath of fresh air. With prices dropping rapidly, next-generation graphics cards on the horizon, and crypto mining currently less profitable, PC builders may finally get a chance to buy one of the best GPUs for a less-than-outrageous price. Whether it’s time to do it or not is up to you, but it seems clear now that we’re getting a bit of a reprieve before prices start rising again — if at all.

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