Scala Men’s Vent Crown Paper Braid Fedora


100% Other Fibers Imported Hand Wash WHAT MUSICIANS WANT ?C Add some stylish pizzazz to your ensemble with a 2?? brim fedora. With a stylish stripe ribbon band, this hat stands out from any run-of-the-mill derby, porkpie, or homburg hat ever could. BRAID-MADE SHADE ?C This hat is made of vented paper braid for fashionable, functional versatility. Spruce up your costume like no cap ever could, and keep cool even when you??re turning the heat up. SAY MY NAME ?C Emulate Prince, enjoy a classy look, or go after the iconic Heisenberg getup ?C whether for a costume or formalwear, this musician dress hat for men is just the right accessory to top off your style. SCALA QUALITY ?C Scala Classico hats are known for their quality and reliability because Scala means style and function uncompromised. With this hat, you??re more than just looking fly; you??re making a statement. Enjoy your Scala statement. FIND YOUR FIT ?C Jazz it up with a hat in the size you need. Know your head size and look at our size chart to make sure the perfect hat is a perfect fit. Enjoy stylish apparel, and walk tall with a Scala.


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