Indiana Jones Fur Felt Fedora



felt Rabbit, China, Dyed X MARKS THE SPOT ? Whether you??re headed into the lion??s den or working on a dig in the Andes, this authentic Indiana Jones fedora is the perfect addition to your travels. WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE FELT ? For maximum comfort, of course! Not every zeppelin or motorcycle ride will provide premium luxury, so this classic men??s fedora with 100% fur felt can make up for it. IT??S NOT THE YEARS ? It??s the mileage. And this Indy hat goes where you go. With a stylish satin lining grosgrain, this adult cap is a great complement to your Indy jacket and whip costume or for any classic dress event or gentleman engagement. MAKE IT UP AS YOU GO ? We planned this Indy fedora so you don??t have to: the 2??? raw edge brim and high-quality lambskin sweatband prove that this isn??t some heavy idol ? it??s a hat that??s prepared for it all. FLY? YES ? Whether you??re out on an adventure or you just want protection from the sun, make sure you can do it all in style and comfort ? and with the right hat. Look at our size chart to make sure the perfect hat is a perfect fit.


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