Mario Strikers: Battle League gets an electrifying new mode

Mario Strikers: Battle League has received an overview trailer featuring a host of features for players to experience in the upcoming extreme football title, including an “exciting” new mode that should provide a fresh take on the quintessential formula of the series.

The beloved Mario Strikers franchise is known for having very few rules, but Nintendo knew it was time to shake things up even more. It seems like they’ve accomplished just that with Battle League’s ‘Strike’ mode, a 5-on-5 showdown set on a soccer field surrounded by electric fences. The ruleset remains as loose as ever, but now players collect Strike Orbs scattered around the arena that can be collected to trigger a Hyper Strike move. Getting the ball into the goal while using this insane special ability earns the team two points instead of the usual.

Players will also be able to take on the opposing team’s characters and use a variety of items to disorient and disrupt them. With so many classic Mario adjacent characters to choose from – each with unique sporting stats and gear that can be equipped to change them – there’s certainly no shortage of chaos on the field.

Battle League supports local multiplayer for up to 8 players, while the online multiplayer component allows enthusiasts to join or create a club of up to 20 players. Club owners can customize the team’s uniforms and even the home stadium, and the club can compete with competing clubs to earn higher positions on the online boards.

Mario Strikers: Battle League looks set to be the most feature-rich entry yet in the franchise, but we’ll be sure to find out when it launches on June 10 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Until then, you can play soccer in the newly released Nintendo Switch Sports.

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