Inside SoFi’s monstrous 70,000-square-foot Infinity Screen

Between the star-studded halftime show, the hilarious commercials, and the spectacular touchdown that happened in the final minutes of the game, there was a lot to be excited about at this year’s Super Bowl. But one of the most incredible parts of this year’s game wasn’t actually on the field – it was above it.

This was the first Super Bowl where fans across the country got a glimpse of SoFi Stadium’s monstrous Infinity Screen – a colossal, high-flying marvel of modern technology unlike any other stadium screen you’ve ever seen. We kept staring at it throughout the game, so to share our geeky enthusiasm with you, here’s a rundown of what makes the Infinity Screen so impressive.

A huge miracle

The first thing worth marveling at is its sheer size. This thing makes the giant “jumbotrons” of most other stadiums look odd in comparison. The display itself has a whopping 70,000 square feet of LED display space – the whole thing is filled with approximately 80 million pixels, making it the largest 4K end-to-end video board in the world.

Amazingly, the Infinity Screen is actually longer and wider than the football field it overhangs – 1.2 times longer and 1.5 times wider, to be exact. Even the smallest dimension – height – is almost unfathomably large. The tallest panels on the screen are four stories high (40 feet), and the shortest are just over two stories high.

But size alone isn’t all the SoFi’s supergiant display needs. The shape of the screen is also extremely smart. Rather than just projecting images from the outer edges, as most stadium screens do, the Infinity Screen is designed to display images from both inside and outside the ovular body.

Ronald Martinez / Getty

This is especially nice for spectators, as the extra viewing space makes it easy to see from wherever you sit in the stadium. Fans seated lower and closer to the center of the arena can look up at the inside of the oval, while fans higher and further back can enjoy a clear view of the outer panels of the screen. It is a unique design. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Superior sound

In addition to all the display technology that delivers incredible images, the Infinity Screen is also equipped with a world-class sound system. According to the designers, “the video board has more than 260 speakers embedded in its structure, and the wattage equivalent of 1,500 home theater systems.” And all of this is wired together with “more than seven miles of speaker wire wrapped everywhere.” No wonder the halftime show sounded so good!

Perhaps most impressive of all, however, is the fact that this leviathan display hangs from the stadium’s roof. Thanks to all those aforementioned pixels, panels, speakers and cables, the Infinity Screen weighs an estimated 2.2 million pounds. That’s roughly equivalent to the weight of 220 Ford F-150 pickup trucks dangling from the top of the arena. It is so heavy that it cannot simply be retroactively installed after SoFi Stadium is built. The entire arena was designed from the ground up with the Infinity Screen in mind to ensure it could support the weight of such a gigantic screen.

So the next time you find yourself watching a Los Angeles Rams home game, take a moment to look up and gaze at the monstrous and magnificent spectacle above the field. Even if the game doesn’t go your way, you can enjoy being under the craziest screen in the world.

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