Google Docs is Getting Automatic Summaries

Google announced some updates to Google Docs and other Workspace products during the 2022 edition of the I/O Developer Conference. Coming soon, new machine learning-based document overviews can help you save time and stay more efficient. Work is also underway on a similar transcription feature for Google Meet, easy-to-understand summaries for Google Chat, and new visual video and audio enhancements for Google Meet.

According to Google, this new Docs feature adds what you might think of as a TL;DR digest. It will automatically parse the document and extract the most important parts. This marks a major leap forward for machine learning and natural language processing, the company says. The feature required a deep understanding of long passages and information compression and language generation, which until now had been beyond the capabilities of machine learning models.

As for the other products in Workspace, the same feature will be coming to Google Chat in the coming months, to provide a useful overview of chat conversations and make group chats more understandable. Google is even working on bringing native transcription to Google Meet too, so you can catch up on important meeting moments that you may have missed.

Apart from that, Google also has detailed video and audio updates for Google Meet. Going forward, Meet will intelligently bring up and adjust the lighting, even if you’re in poor lighting or using an old webcam. This feature is known as ‘Portrait Restore’.

They’re even testing a new ‘portrait light’ feature that allows you to select a specific point on the frame and enhance its lighting. This should bring studio-quality lighting to the app, according to Google. It works on all types of devices, so you can look your best wherever you are.

The reverb is the audio feature on the go. This filters out echoes in rooms with hard surfaces, so it sounds like you’re in a conference room with microphones.

Phishing and malware protection in Docs, Sheets, and Slides tops the list of features announced for Workspace products. Since these are all powered by artificial intelligence, Google says these new features make their products more useful and accessible.

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