Canada’s Cineplex closes more theaters as omicron spreads

Cineplex, Canada’s largest theater chain, is preparing to temporarily close its Ontario auditoriums in response to a government mandate restricting indoor activities to help contain the spread of ommicron.

The theater chain said: that all 67 of its theaters in Ontario will close from Wednesday, January 5, adding that the movie theaters will reopen “as soon as we are allowed.” The measure comes as Ontario imposes restrictions on schools, restaurants and entertainment venues to prevent Ontario Premier Doug Ford featured at a press conference on Monday as “a tsunami of new cases in the days and weeks to come.”

“To make it as easy as possible, we’ve already started refunding tickets to our guests’ original payment method. There is no need for guests to contact our Guest Services or their local theater team for a refund,” the theater chain said in a statement this week. “We appreciate your understanding and look forward to welcoming guests again soon.”

Cineplex announced temporary closures for 17 theaters in Quebec earlier in December

Similar measures have not taken place on a large scale in the US and theaters have not suggested making changes. It’s also worth noting that closures in Ontario were the result of a broader government initiative rather than an elective measure. President Joe Biden said in December that the US… no plans to issue lockdown ordersadding that with 2 million Americans fully vaccinated, “We are prepared. We know more. We just need to stay focused. So there we are.”

“We are making sure that COVID-19 no longer closes businesses or schools,” the president said during the Dec. 21 address. “Last week, federal court reinstated my administration’s vaccination-or-test rule — the vaccination-or-test rule for companies with more than 100 employees.”

Last month, many of the country’s biggest theaters celebrated pandemic box office records with the explosive debut of Spider-Man: No Way Home, even as the number of COVID-19 cases continued to rise.

However, several high-profile film and TV events have been impacted by the spread of ommicron. Disney announced last month that a The Book of Boba Fett fan event scheduled for this week would be postponed to February 8, closer to the series finale. In addition, a red carpet event for James Gunn’s HBO Max title Peacemaker has been canceled as a precaution.

The Ontario closures come just weeks after theater chain Custom Hour said in a statement that the majority of Ontario theaters would be operating at 50 percent capacity in accordance with government guidelines. cineplex previously announced closures for all 17 theaters in Quebec on December 20.

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